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Residence Permit in Turkey

Turkey Residence Permit

Summary of Turkish residence
The foreigners who decide to travel to turkey can stay within 90 days using their passport, this time is enough for entertainment or even doing a job, but if you attend to stay more than the limited time for any reason you’ll need to apply for the Turkish residence card. Since 2013 turkey has approved a law that contained buying a property by foreigners will bring them 1-year residence and also, they can renew their residence every year.
Tourist residency permit
When you decide to stay more than your limited time in turkey after translating your documents in notary and taking them to immigration authority (Göç idaresi) you will apply for your 1-year tourist residence.
job residency
Getting job residency is available in 2 ways; Employer and Employee. Not to mention that the best way to get Turkish residence, is to register a company in turkey which in this case with taking working license you will be able to trade and work in Turkey for 2 years and even after that you can apply once again for 2 more years. Getting job residency from the Employee way is That you’ll have to get a job invitation from a company in turkey under the circumstances that no one has to be in the waiting list of this specialty in the turkey's ministry of cooperative jobs.
Getting residency from buying a property
Since 2018 after approval from turkeys government with buying 250.000 $ worth property after validating from Ministry of Urban Development and Housing and not selling the property for 3 years your permanent residence will be accepted.
Getting residency by Investment
People who invest or bring special Services like Scientific, technical, economy, socially, sports or culture and art or has special offers for mentioned departments.
Those Foreigners who known as Migrant can be an exclusive citizen by the group of ministers approval under the circumstances that they won't be a problem for national security.
In the other hand those foreigners who provide criterions mentioned below can request for exclusive citizenship by the group of ministers decide:

  • Fixed investment with 500.000 USD
  • Buying Property 250.000 USD worth and not selling it for 3 years
  • Hiring at least 50 Turkish citizen
  • Saving 500.000 USD in the bank account for 3 straight years
  • Buying 500.000 USD worth bourse and not selling it for 3 years
Study residency
Turkeys universities have achieved to top lists of Asian and European universities since past few years, high level of scientific, education and welfare of this universities has brought the number of students from all over the Asia and Europe here.
In this case first, you have to sign for TOMER which is a course for learning the Turkish language to enter the university.
Getting residency by marriage
When we speak about marriage residency in turkey means that if someone marries to an individual person who is a citizen of turkey the couple will take international marriage certificate and the course of the marriage is easy and fast and also you won’t need a visa for that.
Notice that in the course of marriage the couple might not be able to speak in each other’s language, in this case, you’ll need a translator for that.