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Tapu the Turkish Title Deed

What is a Tapu?
If you are considering to buy a property in Turkey TAPU is and must be the first Turkish word you should know and understand before putting your signature anywhere near a contract.
TAPU (Short for TAPU SENEDİ) is the Turkish translation for Title Deed and the single and ONLY record showing that you have taken full ownership of your property purchased in Turkey.
There are red and blue TAPU's:
a red TAPU is for a commonhold, a blue TAPU can have different legal meanings:
1. Farmland
2. Building Land
3. Building Land, There is already a house on the plot
A blue TAPU is not a commonhold.
You get a red TAPU if you buy an apartment in an apartment complex or a house in a project. Most foreigners who buy a house in Turkey will receive a red TAPU.
There are 2 types of red TAPU's:
The first red TAPU is of the type 'Irtifaki Kat'; This type indicates that you legally own the land and the unfinished building.
You receive the second red TAPU at the end of the buying process when you sign the contract at the TAPU office. This TAPU is of the type 'Kat Mülkiyeti' and indicates that you are the legal owner of the land and the finished building.