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10 Natural Places in Turkey that waiting to be Discovered

10 Natural Places in Turkey

10 Natural Places in Turkey that waiting to be discovered, If you want to rest, it’s time


We have compiled the 10 natural wonders to be seen necessarily in Turkey for you … Here are the details



Between the ancient city located on the banks of the River, Arpaçay arm forms the border with Armenia and Turkey. The historical church ruin among the flowers and the river flowing gently in the region, which has hosted 24 different civilizations, create a postcard image.


Everywhere is white: PAMUKKALE / DENIZLI

Pamukkale, one of the few natural beauties of the world, is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. You should definitely watch the sunset while walking through the enchanting white travertines.


You can also jump from the tracks on Dinamit Hill and see the travertines and the ancient city of Hierapolis from the sky with paragliding.



The most beautiful of the Kaçkars: ALTIPARAK MOUNTAINS / RIZE-ARTVIN

The aesthetic ridges, like the mountain landscapes drawn by a painter on a canvas, reflect the majesty of the summit with heights, glacial lakes, and greenery.


We can call this place the most beautiful peaks of the Kaçkars. To get there, you need to take a bit of walking, but it’s definitely worth the view you’ll see at the end.



Curved meanders: THURSDAY PLATEAU / ORDU

Imagine a bow with meanders flowing meanders among endless lush plains. The deep blue pond located in the middle of the plateau and the meanders formed by the stream coming out of this pond are the aesthetic value of the region.


The stream enters a deep valley after drawing “s” shaped meanders, forming the Chisenti “Çisenti” Waterfall. This place must be seen …


In the Heart of nature: KARAGÖL / ARTVİN

Located in Artvin Borcka, Karagöl attracts the attention of photography and nature lovers. Turkey is shown as one of the hidden paradises Karagöl some other lakes in the region as of the year 1800 a small creek in front of the landslide that occurred at the beginning of the landmass has occurred as a result of the closure.



The lake, located 27 kilometers from Borcka and the surrounding valleys and plateaus, attracts those who want to get away from the stress of the city and business life and spend time alone with nature.

Especially with the collapsing fog, the view of the pine trees reflecting on the lake is wonderful. If you have the opportunity to bring your tent with you, do not return without camping against this view.


Above the clouds: POKUT HIGHLAND / RIZE

You will witness the clouds flowing under you like the sea on the plateau located at an altitude of 1800 meters in Chamilhemshin “Çamlıhemşin”. The plateau full of pine trees draws you into the view with its natural structure resembling a terrace in the middle of the mountains.

You should add it to your summer vacation: ÖLÜDENİZ / MUĞLA

Oludeniz years of tourism promotion posters adorning the landscape with Turkey are fascinated by the lush landscape that looks like a natural formation in and around the lake.


You can see the most beautiful square from a bird’s eye view while jumping from the Lycian Way and Babadağ with paragliding and gliding over Ölüdeniz. If you have not planned for this summer, you should add it to your list …


Bird paradise: GEDIZ DELTA / IZMIR

Where the Gediz River used to pour into the sea, today the ecosystem consisting of lagoons, fresh and saltwater swamps is almost a miracle of nature. It is very enjoyable to watch flamingos and pelicans in Gediz Delta, also known as “Izmir bird paradise”.

Unique geography: CAPPADOCIA / NEVŞEHİR

If you haven’t seen Cappadocia, which is famous for its fairy chimneys on the UNESCO World Heritage List, you are missing a lot. This is a geography that is unique in the world… The redness of the fairy chimneys and the shadows offer wonderful views as you jump on a balloon and float over the valley at sunrise.


Green and turquoise: BUTTERFLY VALLEY / MUĞLA

You can see the most beautiful view of the valley from Faralya on the Lycian Way route. Surrounded by steep rocks from a height of 350 meters, the valley opens to a unique sea after the greenery where butterflies live.

This paradise corner where green and turquoise mixes with all shades is a magnificent beauty where you will open your wings and feel like a sweetly flying butterfly.


Source: Hurriyet

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